Who are We?

GlacierHeli was founded with the sole purpose of providing passionate travelers the best in value and quality helicopter tour arrangements across the breathtaking landscape of Iceland. GlacierHeli will whisk you away on an adventure through the misty blue skies as you gaze upon the breathtaking panoramic picturesque landscape below. We are passionate about traveling, discovering hidden gems, stumbling upon historical remnants, and exploring the picturesque beauty of Iceland. We provide our lovely travelers with high-touch helicopter tours to facilitate their travel needs and share the wonders of the world neatly tucked in a leisurely travel schedule. 

Our aim has always been to provide the lovers of Iceland with luxurious helicopter tour packages that will leave them in absolute awe. We believe that every traveler deserves to have an amazing experience that should be well worth their time. Therefore, we provide top-of-the-line helicopter tours at incomparable prices. We love to promote the beauty of Iceland because it deserves all the recognition in the world. The calm tessellated tranquility of Iceland, so beguiling in its beauty, calls you home with every whisper of its lush misty eyed presence. Our world is beautiful and Iceland is a representation of that beauty with its magnificent lakes, glaciers, black sand beaches, roaring waterfalls and luxurious lagoons. The beauty is magnified when you gaze upon it from an altogether different perspective. The magnificent aerial views, the picturesque panorama will bewitch you in its uniqueness and wonder. 

Thus, GlacierHeli invites you to come explore our fabulous country with us; a fantastical place where the men and mountains meet. Where the air is clear and the grass is greener still. Where there’s ice and where there’s fire. Where there are roaring waterfalls and where there are tranquil lakes. Iceland is nothing but a landscape full of contrasts and contradictions! Our hard work in designing and operating your helicopter tour will definitely please you so take a minute and contact us as soon as possible so that we can help you fly high above the mountains and make this the experience of a lifetime! 

Our Mission

Our mission has always been to help people and companies travel smart and achieve their dreams. Similarly our vision is to become Iceland’s most trusted and innovative helicopter tour company. The future that we want to achieve for our company knows no bounds and we work hard to bring this vision to life every single day. We want Iceland to be known and revered for its spectacular beauty. We believe that helicopter tours can provide travelers with an unmatched panoramic perspective of Iceland in a way that traditional land tours might not. Large remote parts of Iceland lay untouched by mankind. There is something sacred about places that remain frozen in time. Disturbing their tranquility is something that we do not condone but we believe in appreciating beauty and finding innovative ways to explore it; thus GlacierHeli’s vision is to explore with minimum disturbance to earth’s most magical landscape. The beauty and culture of Iceland should be revered and appreciated throughout the world. 

Our tours help people acclimatize to the unique culture as well as gorgeous terrain. Moreover, we pride ourselves on our 100% transparency, competence, expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction. We promise to provide you with the best customer experience of a lifetime! Our list of helicopter tours are as extensive as Iceland itself! There is very little left unturned. We guarantee that if there’s a sight you want to breeze through, we have got it covered! We offer unmatched prices on helicopter tours! We are a company that’s dedicated to providing the best possible services to our customers. These are just some of the things we are offering and diligently upholding to help our vision become our reality. 

We believe in teamwork and solving problems together. We believe that collaboration is what connects us. There is little that we can not do if we work together! While working as a team we successfully harness the power of wisdom, truth and authenticity by channeling everyones’ energies, strengths and talents and combining them into one powerful whole. As they say, “we are more than just the sum of our parts.” We always act with purpose and embrace innovation. We love tackling new issues, creativity and innovation and possess a passion to become the best version of our present selves. 

Focusing on what is right, our drive for transparency, diversity and equality feeds our future and makes our vision burn brighter than ever. Passion is powerful and is what ultimately fuels our powers. We believe that quality work is only produced when one is driven by passion and thankfully, everyone at GlacierHeli are exceptional human beings driven only by their love and passion. 

Conclusively, as a helicopter tour company our vision is to bring people together in the crystal blue skies of iceland, when people come together they create memorable experiences, shared opportunities and dialogue for immense growth. That is why traveling is so important; it instills in us new perspectives and diversifies our minds. We want people to come together in the beauty that is Iceland and know that beauty can be found anywhere on earth; you just have to look. 

Excellent value for money

We can guarantee that you’re receiving a great value for money. We provide top-of-the-line helicopter tours at incomparable prices, and we’re dedicated to providing both joyful and high-quality customer experience.

we support and encourage collaboration in order to maintain a high level of competence, expertise, and competitiveness.

Our Core Values

We value services that are inventive, punctual, efficient, cost-effective, reliable, and of the highest quality.

Authorized Travel Agency

GlacierHeli is Iceland’s Authorized Travel agency and passed highest standards of inspection in order to achieve it.

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